Cloud Expo 2016 – Santa Clara, Day 1

Wieder mal einen Tag mit interessanten Sessions verbraucht.

  • Are You Seeing DOTS? – Data Ownership and Transparent Surveillance
  • Leveraging Cloud Skills Demand and Salary Indicators Data to Advance Earning Potential
  • Amazon’s IoT Strategy: A Force to Be Reckoned
  • Business Cases and the Digital Innovation Trend
  • Trends, Challenges, and Solutions to Protect the Cloud
  • The Agile Accelerator: Where Designers, Product Managers and Engineers Collaborate in the Cloud
  • Data Management for the Cloud Era
  • Big Things That Seem Small… Bert Loomis and AI in the Cloud
  • Scaling Up, Up and Away with Low-Code Application Platforms
  • How to Become a ‘Digital Predator’ not ‘Digital Prey’
  • How Software Is Eating the World of IoT